Daily Bitcoin Trade Exceeds $5 BLN

The time is now if you are a Bitcoin Trader, and this can no sooner be realized than by taking a quick look at the Bitcoin Trade Volume Charts, which exceeded $5 BLN in volume overnight on both the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash coins, illustrating a large movement of investment from the Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Cash fund.

Other notable volume signs are with the Ethereum Classic Fund, which achieved over $800,000,000 in daily volume, and the Bitcoin Gold Fund at over 100,000,000 (up 5X from the weekly average).

It will be interesting to see how this market variation plays out over the weekend, expecially with the launch of Bitcoin Gold tomorrow. Some analysts are pegging BTG to go to $700 if it passes the breakline point of $520. The main speculation on Bitcoin Gold is the fact that it is a GPU mined coin, and offers a chance at still having a coin originated from the original Bitcoin Blockchain. An innovative concept that may just change the world.


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