Bitcoin Gold Transactions Begin

Now that Bitcoin Gold is live, the transactions and mining has begun, and the rewards are quite high for the miners, who are getting 12.5 BTG per block!


You can bet that the price on these coins is sure to fluctuate in the coming days.

We are still waiting for the wallet to be added to some of the exchanges to test the network, but for now, it it seems like it is full functioning, even if coin market cap is not reporting the total supply yet. When it does, you will see the Bitcoin Gold coin rank go from the 900s to the top 100 depending on price and coins in circulation. As a result, the price of this coin is lower than it’s potential price because it is mostly based on speculation, and under market forces where large buyers are working to secure as much of the coin early on and as a staking opportunity.

The price has range from $800 USD to $200 USD in the past few days, and continues to be added to new exchanges.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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