#Bitcoin #Ether Make Gains

Bitcoin and Ether continue to trend upwards heading into the end of November, with Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs once again. This time the coin has reach over $8500 USD on some markets, and is currently trading at the average price of $8200 USD. Ether has also been trending upwards as the supply has been dispersed across a wider variety of holders with the advent of a recent surge in new ICOs using smart contracts over the past few months.


Ether will likely continue to gain value since the fork has reduced the rewards, and the increase of Ether holders also grows, making the supply less concentrated in large holder’s wallets. Ethereum Classic and Waves are also key coins to watch into December as they will both be releasing new updates that will add value to their systems.



Bitcoin Cash has not been keeping the pace with the gains on the Bitcoin gains, and is currently around $1100 USD per coin.


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