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Bitcoin’s Biggest Winners & How to Become One

Bitcoin has passed the 7500 USD valuation milestone and has grown with consistent vigor for most of the calendar year. With Bitcoin turning many of its adopters into neo-rich investors with million-dollar portfolios, everyone is looking to get their piece of the Bitcoin pie. Others are worried that Bitcoin has created a bubble that is inevitably going to pop and are reluctant to join the Bitcoin wave. Regardless which side of the fence you sit, Bitcoin is changing the markets and is the fastest growing wealth tool in modern history.

According to Bitcoin statistics and facts from, there have been some huge gains by Bitcoin investors and it has even created some millionaires whose portfolios today reach into the 9 or even 10 figure valuation ranges. Here are some of the biggest winners in the Bitcoin revolution and how you can become one.

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Bitcoin Millionaires

The most obvious winner in the Bitcoin craze are the early adopters, and there are a few names that rank among the top of this group. Roger Ver, with over $52M in Bitcoin holdings, is one such example. Other Bitcoin millionaires that fall into this group are Charlie Shrem ($45 Million) and Dave Carlson ($35 Million), who both have reached millionaire status through the crypto-currency.

Industry & Sector Based Business

As Bitcoin becomes more and more prominent within the financial markets, a new breed of Internet, or FinTech, companies have risen to service the new sector. From exchanges and wallets that facilitate sales and the holding of Bitcoin to Bitcoin ATM’s, some of these businesses are winning big with Bitcoin. Other major players in this sector are the mining companies and pools that have sprung up to mine and create Bitcoin. Chinese mining pools, for example, now control nearly 81% of the Bitcoin networks hash rate, and Antpool, the biggest of these mining companies, received about 20% of all new Bitcoin created in 2016-2017.

How To Win With Bitcoin

With such bullish market growth, and even governments and mainstream financial markets looking at Bitcoin adoption, the financial gains potential is hard to ignore. The key to becoming a Bitcoin winner is to simply get into the market. Many people miss the boat simply by waiting for a perfect opportunity to pull the trigger. In order to win with Bitcoin, you need to, at the very least, buy some and have some Bitcoin holdings in your portfolio. The other way to capitalize is to service the sector of Bitcoin adopters and that, too, can be very profitable. Regardless, the only way to win with Bitcoin is to join the revolution. Remember, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.


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