#ZURcoin and Monkey Team Up


*Since the involvement of the M0NK3Y community in ZURCOIN, all indicators are up
thousands of percent
*The average daily volume of the coin is up 88,648% from $37 to $33,000 average
*The average opening, high and closing price are up over 1200% and the the average low is
up over 1100%
*Following the same line ZUR should hit $90.6m market cap by Dec 2018 (90c/ZUR) with
volumes rising to $12m daily

M0NK3Y is the world’s first decentralized hedge fund and the largest Crypto hedge fund in
the world by total size (over $1bn). It is Managed by Monkey Capital in Sinagpore. In
August 2017, we bought up over $250,000 of ZURCOIN, amounting to 20 million coins. We
then re-sold 10 million coins over the forthcoming two months in order to stimulate the
market. Since then, the coin has been featured on numerous POW mining networks, is part of
Georgia-based Golden Fleece’s mining arrangement (10% of all Crypto they mine is
ZURCOIN) it has been listed in CoinGekko and even mentioned in the New Zealand Herald.
Having succeeded in reactivating a dormant Crypto, M0NK3Y is now moving onto the next
phase in development with ZURCOIN alongside its developer Shai. Together, M0NK3Y and
Shai will roll out a reengineered hybrid POS-POW coin, list the coin on HitBTC and
Cryptopia (M0NK3Y has assets listed there already) and Open Ledger and pursue a media
campaign. In addition, M0NK3Y and the coin’s developer will put ZURCOIN on a brand
new exchange as an “alternate trading pair” within the next month. M0NK3Y will also bring
ICOs who want to accept ZURCOIN as payment for their coin offerings.

Founder & Chief Executive of M0NK3Y Daniel Mark Harrison said, “with so much price
appreciation in Bitcoin, this really could not be a more perfect time to pursue the
opportunities in Crypto open to ZURCOIN. The market needs cheaper trading pairs with
masses of room to grow, and solid, untouched vintage Crypto networks. ZURCOIN has all of
that and we are moving forward now full speed ahead after an extremely successful final
quarter of 2017 establishing the coin’s presence. We are thrilled to be working with Shai,
who is one of the leading Blokchain developers in the world.” ZURCOIN was made in
December 2013, and celebrates its fourth birthday this month!

Making Work Fungible With Stake

• The best example of POW around is Bitcoin; perhaps the best example of POS is
Peercoin. Both are the first-of-their-kind assets. In the past 3-year period, bitcoin has
risen around 2100% while Peercoin is up about 170% by comparison. Clearly, by making

increases in supply so readily available so easily to holders of the coin, POS Blockchains
ultimately undermine the value exponent of the utility factor in the coin.

• ZURCOIN is a POW coin that has laid dormant for 4 years; after it was purchased in
August over a period of around a week by a single purchaser with approximately
$250,000 in funds, and by other buyers following suit, the coin came to be actively-traded
and showed regular trading volumes

• Despite the relative value erosion that wallet mining can cost a coin, there are certain
advantages to it. POS mining is more efficient and it is also cleaner and easier for the user
than POW mining since it takes place while the coin is stored inside a Blockchain wallet.

• By converting ZURCOIN’s Blockchain into a combined POW/POS Blockchain the coin
will achieve scale dominance at the same time as retaining its value during the second act
of the coin’s growth trajectory, which is set to be very large.

• The effect of a higher probability of use cases for ZURCOIN will make it more attractive
to ICOs looking for funding as well as to miners who are seeking to profit from higher
prices as a result of the coin’s more widespread use

• Zucoin.org (under dev) will actively solicit and encourage ICOs to accept ZURCOIN as
payment for the tokens. This will result in a positive feedback loop whereby a higher
number of POS wallet miners will do so so that they can switch the currency at any of the
gateways that offer ZUR-ZUS conversions (M0N3X will be the first of such gateways to
offer this service, initially on a 1-for-1 basis for around 3% fees always received in
ZURCOIN on the transaction regardless of the two is being bought or sold)

• Despite the huge rise in the price of Bitcoin, there are signs that it may become less
appealing to investors as an asset to be held in any quantity largely because of the
deflationary tendency of the coin. As Bitcoin begins to deflate in increase of supply, so its
price begins to rise at an exorbitant rate. The problem with this is that it has the net effect of exporting inflation onto the rest of the Cryptocurrency landscape. This is because
while a high Bitcoin price is attractive for those holding presently who wish to sell, it is
significantly more expensive to buy in any whole (or even for some, standard fractional)
quantity. Multi-fractional purchases are not appealing psychologically to buyers either.
Thus, we believe that ZURCOINS POW-POS fungible Blockchain may be the answer to
the polar opposite, but equally problematic isses that Bitcoin and Peercoin suffer from.

• In the case of ZURCOIN, following the trajectory of both Bitcoin and Peercoin would
have resulted in a 1200% price rise over the last 3 years; these are standard high returns
looked for by Crypto investors. Therefore we see this fungible dual-currency scenario as
being a potential solution to overly-aggressive value return and overly-aggressive value
erosion see in POW-POS assets.

• If ZURCOIN was to rise by the the same amount next year as for the last 6 months, we
would be looking at a $400 price per ZUR.

• As with many vintage Cryptos, much of the supply is buried in long-forgotten wallets,
producing an artificially lower supply quota than that advertised on Coin Market Cap.
This will push the price tremendously now buyers have come to seek out the coin.
CONTACT: Serena Wang, Assistant to the Chief Executive at swang@M0NK3Y.com


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  1. What does this mean for Premine (PRE)?


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