#Waves Uptrend Predicted

Waves Coin passes the 1 Billion Market Cap as the price passes the $10 USD price point, and it seems like there is still plenty of upward trending on the Waves coin to move it well beyond the $10 point. Given the recent development of the Waves transaction enhancements, as well as the Waves Platform integration across the mobile and tablet interfaces, it is clear that Waves is set to make some serious gains in the next few months.

There is no doubt that Waves will pass the $30 mark, the question is, when? The coin is clearly trending, gaining over 50% in just a few days, and over 100% in the past month. While much of these gains are due to the increase in the BTC price, the Waves development team continues to pour it on strong.

While waves is a Russian development, the developers are from all around the world, including the USA, which makes this an interesting coin….

Not to mention that Waves has over 7900 tokens listed on its DEX platform, giving it an edge on the competition versus Ether which also offers token issuance. The current advantage over Waves is the cheaper price point (around $10, while ETH is around the $450 price point.

Any guess where Waves will be at the end of the year?

1. $20?

2. $40?

3. $100?

4. ?

Another cool feature of WAVES is that you can lease your balance to help secure the network!

Check it out:


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