Market Cap Heads To A Trillion?

Turns out the Cryptosphere is gaining more traction, and attraction, than many people thought possible. The most definitive indicator of this attraction is obviously the amount of money being invested, with close to 500 Billion already registered in the markets, there is probably another 100 Billion privately invested in projects that are not currently reporting their numbers.

Another reason why the growth is moving fast is due to the rapid gains many coins are experiencing at the moment. This can most clearly be seen with some of the top Altcoins such as Litecoin, Ether, Waves, and many other significant coins which are experiencing tremendous trade volume; which is really driving up the prices, and growing the market cap considerably.

There is no doubt that DogeCoin will eventually become a top contender in the mix largely due to its extensive integration into the exchange ecosystem, and also because it remains one of the few affordable coins (at less than a penny), there is really no-one who cannot afford a few Doge. To actually hoard doge would also be very difficult since there are 112 Billion coins, but unlike many other coins, this may act as a beneficial tool for Doge in the long run, as many coins are out-pricing themselves from the general public. So why is this important? Simply because people love to trade coins, and if Doge gains value, and adoption rates increase, then Doge may actually go to the Moon! 🙂

Many other coins, especially Litecoin probably should have made significant gains earlier in the year, since it really did not keep the pace with Bitcoin or ETH, and given its history, it is surprising that it is only now making large leaps in bounds; doubling in price in just a few days…


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