Coins Rebound After Taking A Dip

The markets took a dip a few days ago, sending some traders into a panic sell, before the prices starting trending up again. This sort of activity is regular market activity on the other markets, and while many of the market traders are not used to seeing this behaviour after the recent weeks of gains, this is just typical behaviour, and possibly even a strategy for larger players to gobble up the coins.

While a Christmas Dinner of coins is not on everyone’s plate this holiday season, it is going to be a smorgasbord for some traders who are stacking large platters of cheap coins in order to get ahead of late season buyers.

Moving into a New Year is going to bring a lot of changes on the markets, and some analysts are predicting that the exchanges will add new trading pairs to increase trader-ship among some of the cheaper coins to encourage larger coin adoptions. While REDDCOIN (RDD) is among one of the top prospects for such adoptions, DOGE coin has already been integrating itself as a trading pair for the past few years.

Other coins that will likely make 100% or 200% more in gains in the first quarter of 2017 are WAVES coin, which is comparable to ETHER in metrics, but much lower in price. Some analsyts are saying that WAVES will hit $100 or higher by Q3 of 2017. While anyone’s guess is as good as the next, only time will tell. That said, after doing a quick look at their site, it looks like the Waves might get closer to the top rated coins into the New Year.

One of the most recent gains by Verge Coin, XVG, is making investors quake in their boots, as the price went from under 1 cent to it’s current price of 24 cents. The big question on everyone’s minds, is how will DOGE and RDD fare into the new year, especially if they are similar to VERGE in Metrics? Bitshares, BTS, another high supply coin (over 2 Billion) is also above the industry trend in gains, with its recent gain above 50 cents.


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