Bouncing Markets Rattle Traders

The markets have been bouncing up and down, and leaving traders stumped on what coins are good, and what coins are bad, whether they are naughty or nice, and if Santa is has any of these coins on his list this year. So far, it seems like the Christmas elves are still looking to find a coin to fill their stocking this year, and based on the numbers, many of the cheaper coins are gaining popularity amongst the traders.

As usual, we are still considering WAVES and Bitcoin Gold to be a top contender for high-riser, and a safe haven for traders who are feeling rattled.

Other than that, DOGE may be a longer-term haven for those worried about pricing since, it is really hard to find popular coins cheaper than a penny.


Bitcoin is down to around $13500 USD, down 33% from last week’s prices, and moving on a trading range between $13500 and $15500 USD.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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