#STATS #KISS #GRU Dividends

Happy New Year Investors!

The January 03, 2018 Dividend will be paid to Alcurex shareholders on the project stock in the following amounts:

GRU: .12 BTC (10,000 SHARES)

KISS: 77,500 DOGE (775,000 SHARES)

STATS: 100,000 DOGE (100,000 SHARES)

Investors can purchase the stocks at Alcurex.com

The projects are all developing their year-end reports and investment information for the bitcoinsuperconference.com, where new investors will be addressed to gain interest in project developments (roadmaps, project details forthcoming January 15th).

As part of new development projects, we are also looking at launching a coin on Blockchain, as well as further enhancing the appeal and revenue options for our projects.

Thanks to all the investors, and we also expect a larger than usual dividend payout in November, 2018, when one of our investment projects comes online. While still in speculation, the projects could receive up to 30K in dividends should our new application reach its target goals.

For more information:

SKype: chernishwrites2020

Email: robert.chernish@gmail.com

LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/robbie-chernish-352248155


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