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3 Days Left to Download the “12 Days of Crypto Christmas”
Insider Blockchain Investing Tips Before They Disappear Forever

DALLAS, TX – Richard Jacobs is the best-selling author of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain, and organizer of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference, which takes place in February 2018. Every morning since Christmas Day, through his private “Crypto Christmas” podcast, he has revealed another “alternative” cryptocurrency that is poised to go big in 2018. However, on Saturday January 6th, in just over three days, these podcast episodes will be taken down forever.

Here is what people are saying about these “Crypto Christmas” podcast tips:

“Holy Guacamole, Ricard! I just finished listening to your podcast about the “dark” side of crypto. I can’t believe nobody else is talking about these opportunities – because the kind of gains we’ve seen over the last six months makes Bitcoin’s 1,289% rise in 2017 look like CHUMP CHANGE!!!”

“Hey Rich… just wanted to say thanks for the Crypto Xmas tips you’re sending out. I’ve listened to all of them so far, even the one you sent on Christmas morning. I really appreciate your generosity man.”

Since Christmas Day, Mr. Jacobs has been sending daily “Crypto Christmas Gifts” – i.e. insider tips on cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets very few people know about – to everyone who is registered on the email notification list for his Super Conference. If you sign up now (it’s 100% complimentary), you can still listen to and download every tip. You’ll get the links in an email immediately.

Topic covered include:
(Day 1 – available NOW)
How to legally borrow against your crypto holdings – top-notch advice from a blockchain CEO
(Day 2 – available NOW)
Crypto-insider answers your tough questions – this info replaces months of crypto research on your own.
(Day 3 – available NOW)
The deadly problem with cloud storage – and why it’s a GREAT opportunity for blockchain investors who know how to buy into this opportunity.
(Day 4 – available NOW)
Ethereum: what it can do that Bitcoin can’t – Richard Jacobs’s uncensored opinion on whether you should invest in Ethereum.
(Day 5 – available NOW)
Ripple: Smart investment or bad egg? – many people are surprised when they hear the insight that’s revealed in this “Crypto Christmas” podcast episode
(Day 6 – available NOW)
3 picks for anonymous crypto investments – Bitcoin’s privacy issues revealed, and how people with legitimate concerns can protect their privacy
(Day 7 – available NOW)
Will Dash knock Bitcoin off its perch? – this may make the “cryptocurrency war” irrelevant.
(Day 8 – available NOW)
How to invest in the “dark” side of crypto – investments that are off-limits to most people.
(Day 9 – available NOW)
ICOs: not all rainbows and unicorns, but still worth it? – this is probably the most sophisticated level of crypto investing with, potentially, the highest rewards (and risks)
(Day 10 – coming up)
Hodling: should you still do it? – what Richard Jacobs would do if he could start over again and start investing into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the first time
(Day 11 – coming up)
How to shorten your crypto learning-curve – the best ways to get inside crypto intel
(Day 12 – coming up)
Bitcoin Cash: an uncensored primer – this is bound to upset some people, but you need to know the deal

On Saturday January 6th, in the evening, all the “Crypto Christmas Gift” podcasts will be taken down and deleted. Unless you hurry and download them in the next few days, they’ll be gone forever.

Do you want to get these crypto tips too – before they are taken down?

If so, follow the link below and sign up to the Super Conference notification list. Not only will you receive all twelve of these Crypto Christmas tips, you’ll also benefit from a special discount on tickets to the conference itself – which takes place in February at Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

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Press contact:

Richard Jacobs
(888) 984-0070

About the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference:

This three-day conference will be held at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport from Friday February 16th to Sunday February 18th, 2018. We are expecting more than 800 attendees, at least 50 headline speakers, and upward of 50 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors of blockchain startups, including many that are planning ICOs throughout 2018.


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