Market Cap Passes 700 Billion

The Cryptoshere is just one of those things that keeps growing and growing, and with the increased investment from all around the world, it seems like what was once a fad, is now a real important thing. Having a world that is connected is somewhat new, especially for those who were born more than 40 years ago, but the reality is, cryptocurrency is just an infant. Having less than 4 years of existence, the whole regime of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and all the altcoins, is quite astounding, expecially considering the fact that there is more 700 Billion USD in the market cap after only a few short years. \\\

While many people consider Crypto to be a wave of the future, the present reality is showing that many aspects of Cryptocurrency investing are still risky, and should only be done by professionals or those who are well-versed in the subjects.

However, it is getting easier to invest in these markets, and more markets are coming online every day.

Some of the most notable gains over the past few weeks are Ripple Coin, Ethereum, Stellar, and many others.

Other major gains include TRON, and Verge, which recently made major gains, and more recently the compounded forks have had an impact on the prices of Bitcoin, which is down from it’s high from a few months ago.

We also think this coin will be a big gainer in 2018 since it offers a niche market option on reselling wi-fi through the Crypto Wi App, so perhaps investors may want to buy some WIC and try to make some profits.

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