Will Facebook Buy Mooncoin?

Moon Coin has been getting alot of volume lately. Setup to be used with social media likes, Moon Coin is dirt cheap and starting to become a hot commodity.

Some of the other perks of Moon Coin include it’s popularity among coin traders who enjoy the concept of lunar travel such as the Google Lunar X contest, as well as moon watchers.

To the moon!

http://www.mooncoin.world – for more information

https://www.mooncoin.eco/ – the ecology of moon coin.

Moon Coin is also gearing up for some major announcements!!

Moon Coin has also been around for quite awhile, over 4 years, and is one of the earliest coins to enter into the cryptoshere. There is also some really cool developments, and if the right partners are found, this coin may literally go to the moon.

Register and Bleutrade and Buy Moon Coin Now!

“There could be a bright full moon future for moon coin”

There is also a lot of hype going on with the Google Lunar X Prize, and this may bring some added attention to Moon Coin!



4 responses to “Will Facebook Buy Mooncoin?”

  1. Hi, please add this http://www.mooncoin.world as it is the Mooncoin F.A.Q. with a lot of useful links and information


    1. Is that the new site? What happened to the old one?


      1. The offical site is https://www.mooncoin.eco , mooncoin.com is a bit outdated. And http://www.mooncoin.world has a lot of Q&A that can help newbies and how wants to know more about mooncoin.


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