It is absolutely unbelievable that over 30 Million USD has been invested in PAC Coin. Like who wants to buy a coin with over 2 Trillion in their supply? Well, it is obvious that someone, and some people are enjoying the price of PAC Coin as it has continually engaged investors to buy in and sell, and then re-buy back in, but the real story is DOGE.

DOGE is a coin that is gaining in strength, and one of the few coins that actually competes with Bitcoin. While there are 100s of coins, DOGE is good for two central premises. 1: The Blockchain works. 2: It is more integrated into the cryptosphere than almost any other coins (except for ETH, LTC, and BTC), but is by far one of the most widely used coins for trading and transferring value.

This alone may push the coin to 2 or 3 cents, and possibly 10 cents by the end of the year. There is still a lot of speculation on the markets and the Bitcoin Forks, and many of the forked coins are struggling to get recognized, while Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcore (BTX) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) remain the top forks.

The thing with Forks, is that you have to take plenty of time for the coins to be collected, distributed, and deployed.

MOON Coin and HTML are also on the rise, with MOON being the most undervalued at the present time, given the recent increase/spikes of many of the other high supply/low priced coins, and is one of the last few coins that hasn’t passed 10 sats, except for GreenCoin (GRE), which will likely have a very green future in the coming months….

Green Coin is a clone of Black Coin, and has a wide trading range because it is expensive on Yobit, and cheap on Coin Exchange, so there is some price disparity there.

Besides that, the other big supply coin, that is relatively cheap is OX Coin, or OX Fina, and this is particularly interesting to watch because it is trading at 40 Sats on Cryptopia, but only around 10 Sats on C-CEX because the admin at C-CEx are on holidays and have paused the deposits and withdrawals. 🙂

OTher than that, Bitcoin has gained a few thousand since the beginning of the new year, and is trading around the $17,000 USD price point.

ETH is currently around the $1,000 USD price point.




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