Dividend Payouts! #airdrop

Are you tired of playing the markets, but still want to earn a solid ROI?

If so, head over to and choose one of the four following stocks:





Each of these shares pays their holders dividends based on their holdings.

A portion of the Alcurex exchange’s revenue gets paid to Alcurex Shareholders, so this is a sure-fire way to support the exchange, as well as earn dividends in the process.

Last year, the GRU stock paid over 2.5 BTC in dividends, or approximately .00025000 (25000 Satoshi’s per unit), offering investors a solid ROI, as well as continued profits. The outlook for 2018 remains solid, and there are only 10,000 GRU shares, so the price will be sure to climb higher well into the future. Register an account at and throw a $100, or more on GRU, and watch your dividends start to grow.

For those that enjoy DOGE coin, as well as diversified revenue opportunities, the KISS project will be a solid investment in 2018 because of it’s expansion into the mobile app development industry, as well as it’s outreach into the fashion world. While baby steps have been taking place for the past 2 years, 2018 will be a year where the KISS project will grow into a profitable venture. It is estimated that 50,000 DOGE per month will be paid to shareholders. This stock is relatively cheap, so most people can afford to buy lots.


This website has project stocks attached to it since was developed out of a crowdfunding initiative, and offers new investors a chance to stake on the fund, as well as dividend opportunities. There are 100,000 units, and it is anticipated that each share will receive 1 DOGE every month as a dividend! There are also more revenue opportunities coming forward for STATS in the future which will increase the share value.

Investors New and Old will enjoy the ROI on these project because of their regular dividend payouts, market dedication, and upside value.

Go to and deposit some DOGE or BTC, and then buy GRU, STATS, or KISS for dividends and solid ROI.


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