Emercoin: Safe Haven Perfect Storm

It may just be one coin, Emercoin, that will command some leadership among the turbulent crypto markets. With the announcement that one of the largest Bitcoin Mining companies, Bitfury, is backing Emercoin, may just be a perfect storm for investors who want to get in on the development projects with a large valued business in the coming months.

As investors are sullen about the market, Emercoin may be the perfect haven for investors looking to capitalize on a new development project that has years of blockchain history.


Emercoin is also positing itself as a very sophisticated, clean coin, which is very attractive to enterprise investors, which will ultimately drive the price up and up as developments continue with the Bitfury team and EMC stakeholders.

While the Bitcoin and Ether MArkets are tumbling, and Emercoin rising, this may just be a perfect storm for EMC, which many analysts are saying could be one of the best coins of the future.

Priced around $7 USD, analysts are expecting this price to increase to 14, then possibly $70, if the traditional markets keep tumbling, and possibly above $1000 USD by the end of the year.

What does everyone think? Will EMC pass $50 by February 01?


Let The Discussions Begin!

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