Will EMC catch #ETC? #EthereumClassic

As Emercoin continues to trend above the $10 USD price point, it has posited itself in the runnings against another formidable coin: Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum Classic is a long-time standing blockchain leader, as is Emercoin, but it is clear that 2018 will be the year for ETC and EMC. Both of these coins have been around for over 3 years and have been cruising under the radar as coins that function excellently with fast transaction times, and offer novel ways of developing their projects.

While ETC is ranked at #16 on the CMC list, and EMC at 87, EMC has been making ground over the past few days since investors have pegged it as a coin to buy up. While there is no telling how high EMC will go in the short term, it seems like more and more people will be buying in as the price continues to climb because of it’s novel technology.

ETC is being hedged on because it offers many advantages in the fiscal area for long-term ROI based on their monetary policy, and mining options. EMC may just be strong enough to pass ETC, but it may take some time. The EMC coin supply is lower than the Ethereum Classic coin supply by at least 50%, which may help Emercoin make faster price gains in the short term. As a result, the price of EMERCOIN would have to be twice as high as ETC in order to have a higher market cap, which at this point, would have to put EMC at $110.00 USD. While this is still a long way into the future, it will be interesting to watch these coins compete as EMC tries to close the gap from 87 to 16.

How many ranks will EMC climb this month? Will it hit Rank 50 or higher?

So, let’s check back at the end of the month, and keep an eye on these two coins as they race to become some of the strongest Altcoins.

Other factors that may boost EMC is it’s new exchange listings, coming soon.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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