#Bitcore #BTX – Pay your bills with Bitcore?

Bitcore is one of those coins that manages to stay under the radar and still hold value, even during tumbling markets. Because of it’s staking options, and excellent wallet options, as well as fast Blockchain, and large block size, Bitcore will continue to rise in price as time goes on.

Brazil is now working with Bitcore so that people can pay their bills using Bitcore, as well as many other enhancements coming forth, so it is sure to be that BTX will be rolling in the months to come. Check out their Twitter for all the details:


Recently, much of the supply was released back into circulation, which caused the market cap to suddenly increase, since the supply was around 2 million, and now around 10 million of a total 16 million, it is no wonder that the coin is starting to gain traction as investors drive up the price.

While BTX, also known as Bitcore, is one of the earliest Bitcoin Forks, very few people are on tune with this coin because of it’s ability to slowly work behind the scenes.

One thing you can bet on, that Bitcore (BTX) will continue to have a future, especially since it is one of the partner projects of Bitsend (BSD), which has proved that the workings of a fast and strong blockchain are indeed possible.


https://chainz.cryptoid.info/btx/ — check out their amazing blockchain

Join Bitcore on Telegram: https://t.co/zxyfI3pR0p


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