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Has the day and age of arbitrage come and gone? Many of the early coin traders who were able to move coins from one exchange to another in order to make a profit have been met with many setbacks and hurdles over the past few months as many exchanges either close wallets, have correction mechanisms in place, or as the latest new development, platforms that perform arbitrage for you.

Welcome to Arbitrage Coin Trader platform, which is similar to Loopring, but has the step on Loopring with its active prototype.




There is also a much lower supply of ARCT than LOOPRING, and it is priced much cheaper, making it an attractive option for investors who want to partake in the arbitrage platform system.

While the current price of ARCT is much higher than the ICO price, it seems like it may be still affordable for users looking to see how this style of trading works.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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