What is EOS Coin? #EOS



At first glance, EOS appears to be another DAPP type coin, similar to Ethereum, which allows for applications to be deployed on a decentralized blockchain, as well as smart contracts. Some of the features that EOS offers are enhanced infrastructure protocols for faster transaction times, and greater coin supply for larger global integrations.


They write:

“EOS.IO Dawn 2.0 has been released along with a public test network which will be maintained by the block.one team. This release provides an Alpha implementation of most of the remaining features described in our Roadmap for Fall 2017 and originally targeted for completion by December 21, 2017. As published in our Roadmap, “Phase 2 – Minimal Viable Test Network” was to demonstrate the following by Fall 2017:

P2P Network Code
Wasm Sanitation & CPU Sandboxing
Resource Usage Tracking / Rate Limiting
Genesis Import Testing
Inter-Blockchain Communication
At this time, we have achieved the initial implementation of most of these features; however, due to parallel development paths our implementation of Inter-Blockchain Communication exists on a separate branch that will not be used for the initial test network.”


There is also a current uptrend on EOS ahead of the new announcement from the Block.one team, whom they recently partnered with, and bringing another VC on board. One interesting piece is the interest from Koreans in EOS, who are largely interested in the coin, and it’s developments.

Having the Koreans showing such an interest in EOS is a strong indicator that this coin will be accepted in Korea, as well as abroad and others try to assist in development and speculate on prices into the future.


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