Hey, have you heard of Casino Coin?

This coin is sold at Alcurex.com and is one of the coins that is dedicated to the online gaming industry. It has been around for a long time, but recently underwent a coin swap where the old coins were burned and the new ones are now for sale at Alcurex.com



Also on the Alcurex exchange are project stocks. That’s right, the Coin Currency News (this site) has it’s project stocks listed there for public sale.

There are 100,000 Units available for live trading, that offers users rewards in the form of dividends.


If you are interested in receiving dividends from the profits earned by this site, simply register at Alcurex.com and buy some STATS shares! The payouts usually happen every few months.

If you are looking for bi-weekly dividends, then you will want to register at Alcurex.com and buy the GRU (grupbit.com) project stocks, as it usually pays .30 BTC per month in dividends.