#Covesting Begins Market Trades

As you know, we have been keeping an eye on Arbitrage Crypto Trader (ARCT), because of it’s innovative platform, and have been doing a little bit of research on their partners. One of their partners is Covesting! So we decided to take a look at Covesting, and realized that Covesting just hit the markets today, and is trading around $2.50 USD.

The coin is based on a copy-trading platform that uses a copy-trading technique to help beginners learn the secrets of how the pros trade. Here are some screenshots from the site:

“The COVESTING platform allows its users to automatically copy the trades made by the successful cryptocurrency traders and profit together!

Investors are making same profits as professional crypto traders, in the comfort of their account
Traders are rewarded with 18% success fees by allowing others to copy their trades”

Covesting is offering investors a chance to copy trader’s activity. As well as offering traders a chance to register on their site.



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