#Bitcore #BTX Payments Gateway

Bitcoin is dropping and Bitcore is climbing. With the new advent of the Bitcore’s payment gateways setup in Australia and Brazil, it is apparent that the Bitcore team has many plans to make this coin a top coin in the months ahead.

Also check out their Twitter feed for the latest news:


Make sure to go over the Bitcore Youtube Channel and subscribe to all their informative videos:


$BTX Remember: you can pay your bills with #Bitcore in #Australia over @roomofsatoshi and in #Brazil over @kamoneybrasil #btx real world #adoption. #inno #segwit #crypto #altcoins #btc

In other News, Bitcoin has reached a new low for 2018, ranging between $8500 USD and $9200 USD. As a result, many of the altcoins are also lower on the $ side since Bitcoin is the main pairing used to determine value. However some coins are increasing in value compared to Bitcoin, even if their Dollar Value doesn’t reflect it.


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