Did Aliens Create Bitcoin? #BitcoinAliens

One of the unsolved mysteries on this planet is Bitcoin. How was it invented? Why is it such a game-changer? To answer some of these questions, we have to go back to the beginning of civilization as we know it, which means understanding how computers were designed.

Over 60 years ago, one could say that the world was in a “modern dark age” – no computers, cell phones, and not even the internet. So how did the world “come up to speed” so quickly?

One answer has been found by looking at Alien and Extraterrestrial technology. There is no denying that aliens exist, especially since the release of decades of files from the Black Vault, one of the former top secrets of the 20th century. Now that all this information has been made public, it is not a question of whether alien life existed, but how their existence has impacted our own existence on this earth.

One of the major impacts aliens have had on earthlings is through information and communications technology. Research by the Unsealed Alien Files

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWhUtEA314MTyKTEaD0NpA — Watch the First Season Here on Youtube.

Now these videos are even behind the times since the introduction of Bitcoin. Bitcoin may be an alien creation as a means of doing business with aliens, or space business transactions. Let’s face it, it is really hard to send cash to a neighboring space ship during orbit, but a Bitcoin transaction can easily be sent.

And when in space, when you are dealing with light years, what is 30 minutes for a transaction? One would say, “almost instant.” The reality is that Bitcoin was created by a Japanese Man named Satoshi Nakamoto, who’s identity has never been confirmed, just adds more mystery to the matter.

So who, and where is Satoshi Nakamoto? And, why can’t anyone find him? The probable answer is that Satoshi never existed, and the name used was a pen name from the designers of Bitcoin, who may very well be aliens.

Bitcoin is not really an alien technology, but to come up with such a world-changing event usually takes some out of this world thinking, and when one considers the importance of future currencies, space travel, and the concept of using computers and data as a form of commerce, Bitcoin just makes sense.

After all, if we want to share data with other interplanetary civilizations, how do we do it, while attaching a value to it? The answer? Well, you probably know the answer.

And, you may remember a story we ran a few years ago about the Bitcoinaliens.com faucet, it seems they still exist and are now working on apps!



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