Olympics Drive Up Bitcoin Gold Price?

This morning I realized an interesting trend, Bitcoin Gold is on the rise, and it is being pushed up from a Korean exchange. Putting two and two together, I realized that there is a lot of talk and hype about Gold Medals going on right now with the Olympics starting, and realized that all the talk about gold medals may be tweaking people’s interest into Bitcoin Gold.

Bitcoin Gold is trading at over $400 USD on some exchanges, especially Coinone, where it is above $420.


While Bitcoin Gold has reached higher prices than the $400 USD price point in the past, the push from Korea is a good indication that the BTG price is acting Bullish, and many of the other exchanges selling Bitcoin Gold are already spiking in price.


Bitcoin Gold is gearing up for a solid 2018, but how will the Olympics Gold Medal race impact the price of Bitcoin Gold, will all the buzz around Gold, Gold Medals, and Bitcoin Gold become synonymous?

With only a few weeks of Olympics left, would now be a good time to short BTG?

Stay tuned, as we watch to see how the prices go, and if there is any correlation between Bitcoin Gold and the Olympic Medal Gold Count.


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