Bitcoin Superconference Review

The wonders of bringing people together to share in the joys of Crypto were made possible this past weekend in Dallas, Texas, as many people from all over the world came together to share their stories, exchange coins, and learn about new and emerging ideas.

The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference was such a popular event that is there is already rumour of another conference to be held later in the year. As members congregated at the many booths, in the ballrooms, at the food trucks, or in the buffets or bars, the venue at the Dallas-Ft.Worth Marriott put everyone in high spirits.

When visitors arrived on the first night, the lineup for the handbooks and conference badges was all the way through the lobby and out the front door; it was like standing in line for a Stars Wars or Broadway Opening Night, but the team worked proficiently to register users and direct guests to the appropriate areas.

Some of the top speakers included Tim Draper, John McAfee and many others. McAfee’s popularity was evident as he took the stage and cheers erupted from the crowd. The rogue veteran painted a beautiful picture on the state of crypto-currencies, likening the movement to a revolution, which caused more oohs and aahs from the crowd. Here is John commenting on how his wife will drag him out of the show with a gun to his head if he start misbehaving:

His speech was from the heart, and alluded that the users of crypto must band together to be strong to fight against the mainstream resistance and conventions that are being posed by legislators, and to be strong in the face of waning prices, and that crypto will never die.

Coin Currency News also networked with many new and emerging companies, as well as some established groups to develop business plans to grow the Coin Currency News business in a variety of ways, including possible Trademark investments, developing a USA-based LLC, and seeking possible acquisition or investment-partnering opportunities. Jim Klote, from Klote and Associates and I posing after having some good discussion on politics and cryotocurrency:

Great debates, and great friendships, along with plenty of beer made for a lively nightlife showing Tom Shaper, Jim Klote, Thomas Gardner, and Robert Chernish following a political debate and small comedy show.

Also on deck for was the networking and sales of press releases and news topics to companies that want to share their projects with the investment community on – one of these opportunities is going to come from the BlockChainOfThings, who has expressed interest in consigning Coin Currency News to run some promotional services.

Here I am with Joe posing after a good discussion:

One of the more comical moments was watching this young lad buy Litecoin from the Vault Logic machine, and watching the people around expressing wonderment at this operation:

You can bet that many companies found what they were looking for, but also offered just enough to leave the users wanting more. This conference was an excellent time, with an excellent group of people, and you can bet there will be plenty of business done in the coming months to help grow Coin Currency News to the next level, and helping establish it as one of the forefront news stations on crypto. Some of these plans include hiring a contribution team, developing SEO and backlinking projects, and increasing our social media influence to grow our readership. We want to thank the organizers, sponsors, and clients who are helping bring us to the next level.


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