Dear Shareholders,

DIVIDENDS WILL RESUME UNDER THE NEW SINGLE STOCK issued later this year once the valuations are complete (July?)

Alcurex has now converted to Cfinex. You will see the exchange has many new enhancements.

The KISS, STATS, and GRU projects are currently in merger mode for the next two months while valuations are being conducted to pool the assets under a new stock issued between September and November for KISS, STATS, and GRU, we will continue live trading of these shares on Cfinex until the valuation is complete and the new project stock is ready to be issued.

The valuations will determine how much of each new share you will receive for each of your KISS, GRU, and STATS shares.

Live trading for each of the projects will continue on Cfinex until the Valuation is complete and the new shares are ready to deploy, so it may be a gamble as to how much you will earn on each share.

New investors can buy the existing shares to earn the new shares in November.

Most of the buy walls on the stocks have been put in reserve for restoring buy wall on new asset in September (or sooner), and investors should not lose confidence in these projects as they are solid long-term projects which will be stronger when merged.

As soon as valuations are done in July, we will ask Cfinex for new share issue and conversion, and resume dividend payments under a single stock unit.


During the valuation period, I am developing an expansion and fundraising plan to re-invigorate the stocks in July and August when the new shares are ready to launch.

Existing holders can buy or sell their shares at market, or wait until the new stock is listed and buy and sell then.