ARCT Opens Arbitrage Terminal

Hey Everyone,

thanks for your patience. We are now only writing one article per week as we are beginning operations on our Alpine Ecomill, where we will be hosting future operations for writing and publishing.

During this time, it will be very limited connectivity, and just updates on major events like this!

Check out the Arbitrage Terminal and start profiting!

One thing we noticed when we registered is the valuation of the Arct Stock, which is much higher valued than the current market price.

Also, with the new opening, the ARCT team has also disclosed that some of the unsold tokens will be burned in order to reduce supply, while the other portions will be sold on market. This may create a short downsell for a few weeks at the end of March, then possibly an upsurge once all the tokens are on the market and the terminal begins functioning.

One of the other cool functions offered by the platform is the Arbitrage Statistics between platforms.

They have also added a marketplace function and many other goodies!

There are also auto-trading and one-click trading options.

We think this may be a good way for traders to make some profits, and encourage people to register and support this platform and let us know how it works, and if it is making good progress for traders.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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