Markets Look Optomistic for Q2

It seems like the seller’s market in Q1 was higher than expected, with increaased regulations in some parts of the world, and downpushes from larger commercial investors to get more of their precious reserves up at lower prices.

Some of the biggest steps to adopt and use Bitcoin and Ether as a trading tool comes from the TMX in Canada, one of the biggest financial securities market exchanges, and one of the first to adopt Bitcoin and Ether directly onto the securities exchange as a commodity. Doing so will be sure to upset the countries who are trying to restrict Bitcoin and Ether use.

Canada has always been a progressive and technological country willing to increase the options for success for its people, economy, and government, and Bitcoin and Ether is like a Golden Egg for Canada.

New power company profits from miner’s and increased quality of life and spending for many of the citizens who have widely adopted the coins are just a few of the reasons why Canada is a leader in Crypto. Many people from all over the world are already coming to Canada as a place to trade Bitcoin and Ether because of the open door policy on trading in Canada.

The Globe and Mail, one of the leading newspapers in Canada, recently announced the story.


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