#PillarUpdate – Pillar Coin in the News

Pillar Coin continues to be very active, and here are some of the latest developments from the Pillar group. In a couple days, we will be interviewing the Pillar CEO to get the latest insights on how these things are going.


Check out the Pillar Events here:

🏛️ SEC Regulations and Exchange functionality in the Pillar Wallet
You asked for clarity on how we will be reacting to the SEC’s position on exchanges. Watch a 3-minute explainer on how this position impacts the Pillar Wallet we are building for our US customers.

Hear more about the SEC’s position on exchanges and how we’re staying compliant.
🎉 Exciting speakers for #PillarUnconference
Our unconference is shaping up! I’ve got exciting speakers lined up that I’m dying to tell you about. But I can’t just yet. Stay tuned for some exciting collaborations we have planned this week.

We’ll be reaching out to all of you who signed up to tell us what you’d like to be giving talks on too – so put your thinking caps on.

Join Us for Unconference
👀 Watch the highlights from #PillarDemo again.
We’ve sliced #PillarDemo into smaller, easier to digest clips. Check them in our Demo playlist below.

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