NEWS Token Pool Growing…

We are currently offering NEWS stations, bloggers, influencers, and writers in the crypto currency news world to join our NEWS Token Pool.

When you join the NEWS token pool, you are given 5,000 NEWS Tokens, or equivalent in Bitcoin as part of your membership.

Part of the requirements of joining will be to help promote the launch of the NEWS Tokens in October during our Main-Net NEWS token release.

There are a total of 6,275,500 NEWS tokens, currently trading around 1 cent per token, or around 150 Satoshi. here.

If you are a blogger, or News Site, simply fill out the form here:

    Long Term:

The site is increasing in outreach to notable community prospects and is engaged in development of a larger NEWS Pool Platform, where token value can gain appreciation from NEWS pool token holders, where all the members will help promote the NEWS ICO in October and reap the benefits of mass-marketing.

The current project is in development to work with independent news sites to become part of our news pool to create a larger unified network of news sites operating under a unified token, which can be used to share value, create voting systems, pay dividends, and of course, accrue value in relation to the size, growth, outreach, and income of the network.

Thanks to all our shareholders over the past 3 years, and welcome aboard the NEWS project, to all our existing, and future shareholders, welcome to the NEWS.

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