#ARCT adding #Linux and #Mac

ARCT continues to maintain an active development track according to their timeline, which will increase its reach once it adopts the Linux and Mac platforms. Having been trading solo on Windows, it is now time that ARCT joins the Linux and Mac platforms.


ARCT, also known as Arbitrage Crypto Trader, is one of the few arbitrage trading platforms where you can use multiple functions to achieve different trading goals.

While Covesting is a platform that offers you to mirror a real trader, like a “pro-trader” – the ARCT platform uses a bot to execute orders based on the coin pairs you select and the exchanges you select.

This functionality offers clients alot of trading pairs that operate on a bot system up to a max of 50 Bitcoins, and is priced relatively cheap compared to some of the high price trades that occurred during their post-ico when the coins hit Mercatox and everyone was pushing for the big gains, where the price went from 100 Satoshi up to 700 Satoshi, and the volume was over a million dollars.

The development team is probably still reeling from the big win they had on their opening day, but that hasn’t stopped them from being determined to bring those prices back up, after having to work on adapting their platform to new systems, and burning tokens earned from bot pricing, the program clearly works.

As we mentioned, ARCT will continue to be one of or watch picks, as they continue to provide consistent development to help traders multi-market trade using a single interface.\

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