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Pro traders are showing themselves amongst the scattered herd of traders on

Many of you have probably heard about Covesting, and their launch of the Covest token, which offers everday investors, the chance to mirror a “day-trader” of their choice.

To get the ball rolling, Covest announced a contest where early adopters could test their platform and get the chance to win their profits from trading. The contest was open to 2000 applicants, where feedback was provided on the platform, as well as tracking of trading results, and the development of a community.

To enhance the pickup of the COV token, the Covesting group created an affiliate program:

Sign Up HEre using the affiliate program and earn income!

If this is something that appeals to you, then consider joining the affiliate program. Only join the affiliate program if you enjoy trading coins, and know people who may benefit from the use of the Covesting platform’s top trader mirroring capabilities.

Register using this referral link to help us help you, and enjoy the covesting platform’s ability to provide a trade-based platform for learning.

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