Waves Adds Smart Contracts $$$$

WAVES coin has been the top posited coin this year as far as development goes, and it is likely to see some serious price gains this year if their expansion and development continues to maintain its aggressive pace.

In fact, WAVES has achieved more in the past few weeks than most coin developers will ever achieve in their lifetime. Some of the major achievements in 2018 include:

* Smart Contracts

* Desktop, Online, and Mobile Trading App

* Translation in Chinese, Hindu, English, Russian, and other Languages.

* International exchange listings, and attention from senior investors.

* Expansion into the USA

* Increasing ambaasador and affiliate network

*Buy with Credit Card Function

*Fast transaction times

* Invoicing and Payroll features, so you can easily send and request WAVES


And last but not least, there are planned Meetups in New York, and other places in America coming up in May, with many great meetups and collaborations already completed in 2018.

So where do you predict the price of WAVES coin to go in 2018?

Some analysts we talked to predict WAVES coin will go to $114 USD per coin once it has fully integrated it’s platform and onboarded new clients.


Let The Discussions Begin!

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