Innovation vs. Regulation

“Innovations should not be curbed for the sake of regulation, especially when they are having positive social outcomes”

Since the start of innovation as a tool for increasing business performance, there has never been a better example than that of Bitcoin. It is indeed revolutionary for many reasons, and one can only record the events in hopes to document this impressive and dynamic multi-modal shift.

Many people have laid claim to being innovators, but the most notable are snowboarders, who basically invented a sport.

While Jake Burton and Tom Sims waged their own war about who started the operation, the Google Report brings it back to Michigan, where all good things were started, like GM Corporation?

SO the years dragged on, and snowboarders had to fight for their rights to go on ski hills and represent themselves as individuals in a tough ski crowd.

So let’s throw it to the memes for a short moment:

The Punchline:

Bitcoin faced the same problems as snowboarding when it was first introduced on the markets, and what grew from a backyard sport turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.


Eventually the riders could ride on all the mountains freely. And so it shall be with the crypto coins.

The Next Stop

Right after the invention of the snowboard, the invention of the cell phone was the next big shakeup. Causing millions of divorces and basically hell for everything on earth, the cell phone is really the catalyst for digital currencies, as this allows for market counting.

For every cell phone, there is an account, and this is the main understanding of market economics according to digital users, who are more concerned about the number of phones in a region vs. the number of people.

    Global Warming?

This tech is already old news, and the digital currencies are likely here to stay as long as the continuing threat of world destruction looms in the distance (referring to global warming here), then crypto currencies will likely have a better chance of survival than paper.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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