TheCityUK Heils FinTech

For many folks, Canada was staking claim to the fastest adoption of Fintech, but it turns out the UK is just a wee bit faster, or so it seems at first…but a closer look yields that Russia race to Crypto just may be a little faster.

China, Korea, Japan, and their hampered efforts may have penalized them early in the race, but you can bet Korea will be sure to make some game-changers moving into the second quarter, and Japan and China will make sure to bounce ahead of India and Africa, if there is a contest, it is sure to be a chase on the WAVES.

Check out the recent LSX announcement to onboard crypto companies, as well as the Oxford Fintech Programmes.

So maybe it is about time we all smarten up and get re-educated?

Who’s ready to enrol in the Oxford programme?

I am not getting paid to promote this, but it looks like an interesting programme, and may lead to some profitable employment for those that receive the qualification and add it to their resume.

So maybe the good ol boys club will come back to life with some re-education, and who ever thought you would go to Oxford, right? Well, who wants to pony up some coins to take this programme?

Or, should one skip and go straight to the LSX?

Click to access gudetolisting.pdf

There is the guide to listing.


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