Bitcore Ends Airdrops #BTX $BTX

The Bitcore Team has announced that all the airdrops have concluded, and that the marketing phase of the coin will begin to help improve the future of BTX.

The Site Reports:

“Dear community,

the Bitcore team would like to thank all participants. We have distributed over 5.868 million bitcore through airdrops and 8.3 million bitcore directly to Bitcoinholders in November 2017.

With this distribution method we have created a completely new way of kick starting our coin.
We managed to onboard many crypto newcomers in 2017 and 2018 that now know the advantages of what we have to offer. With over 70,000 registered addresses, we’ve set new records in airdrops.

Bitcore is continuously being developed as a modern coin for the future. Services and end user utility are particularly important to us. Our enormous wealth of experience enables us to offer the end user the best possible solution.

We face the challenge of keeping Bitcore technologically superior as well as bringing in utility that serves daily life.
Bitcore will not only shine because of marketing and technology, but will become a real tool for e.g. payment. We strictly adhere to the visions of the founders of crypto currencies: independent management of their own assets, and global transfer of value while keeping costs at a minimum.

We look forward to the future and want to continue working with you on Bitcore’s success.

– Your Bitcore Team”



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