HLTH2018 Forum May 7-8 in Gaming Capital, Las Vegas

Don’t Gamble With Health Records TimiCoin/TimiHealth & UFC Champ Michael Bisping Will Tell HLTH2018 Forum May 7-8 in Gaming Capital, Las Vegas

TimiCoin/TimiHealth to deal world’s first cryptocurrency mobile platform using blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records, allowing patients and medical professionals to exchange data over ultra-secure network

Las Vegas, NV.—Sure, it makes sense sometimes to double down in blackjack, but don’t double down on current medical records storage and accessing until you hear TimiCoin/TimiHealth’s industry disruptive message at the HLTH2018 Forum.

Delivering the message will be TimiCoin/TimiHealth’s top professional team including Joyce Lignell, Will Lowe, RamiroPequeno, Michael Bisping and Teri Thomas, all providing expertise on how to serve the healthcare spaceinfinitely faster and more securely. All will be available for interviews, along with UFC Champ Michael Bisping.

TimiCoin/TimiHealth’s distinguished team of health and medical professionalswill be granting interviews Monday, May 7 with Michael Bisping on site and on Tuesday, May 8 at the HLTH Forum, Aria Hotel, Las Vegas will discuss the following:

* Deliver swift and secure exchange of medical records

* Security for sensitive data

* Team’s insight, blockchain white paper and background

* Decentralized technology platform that’s able to record data in such a safe and efficient way

* Traveling or during an emergency, your records will be accessible

* Eliminating human mistakes in records transfer

* Patient access approval and physician networking centralized in one ledger

* New pilot studies

TimiCoin/TimiHealth has already made waves at the Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas and HiMSS18 in Las Vegas, Santa Clara Global Blockchain Forum and now HLTH Forum in Las Vegas.

About TimiCoin/TimiHealth:

The Mobile Health Record Platform provides complete security of medical records accessible from anywhere. TimiCoin/TimiHealth (Timicoin.io) is a patent-pending solution to securing patient data, while providing unprecedented portability. The company is actively working on pilot programs in the US, Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico.

About HLTH:

HLTH is the leading event for innovation in healthcare, a large-scale forum for individuals, companies and policymakers who are reshaping the healthcare industry. The event brings together all key stakeholders, ranging from established payers, providers, employers and pharma services to disruptive startups and prolific investors, as well as representatives from government, media and analysts. By leading a new industry dialogue and ecosystem, HLTH’s mission is to drive substantial reductions in healthcare costs and dramatic increases in healthcare quality.

Let The Discussions Begin!

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