Htmlcoin: changing the world 1 billion trees at a time

By Anthony Abaca

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The impacts of technology are today seen in every world sector; from agriculture to education to manufacturing. A keen look at nature reveals that the ecosystem is disappearing with time. A group of villagers in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River delta has decided to save this situation before it gets worse.

Although they have so far planted close to 3 million mangrove trees, the work appears to be laborious and timely. Since their desire is to cover the largest area within the shortest time possible, they have turned to using tree-planting drones. The drones that are from Grupo Cortex can plant as many as 100,000 trees in just one single day!

Apart from planting the trees, the drones can also register the path on blockchain to ensure that all the contracted zones have been adequately covered. One thing that makes tree planting drone the best choice for these villagers or any other individuals who might want to try, is that it makes the process 80% cheaper and ten times faster than the manual tree planting method. It is nearly unimaginable that a tiny group of villagers can plant up to 100,000 trees in a single day. But when there is a special tool designed just for that, it becomes an easy task.

In collaboration with Verde Drone, Grupo Cortex designed this technology known as Geoblocks to assist in the entire process. Another great thing about this amazing technology is that it is fully supported by Htmlcoin; a new virtual currency that is poised to change the blockchain market.

Basically, the geoblock technology works with drones to provide geolocation services. The information is then stored on the Htmlcoin blockchain technology. It can be used in a number of sectors.

The key ones are:
*Detection of bugs on plants
*Spraying and,

Their coming together has enabled them to come up with special tools that can be used to fetch terrain data. The equipment is also capable of making three-dimensional maps representing locations that should be restored. Once the data has been fetched, a second drone that fires the seed takes on the sky. This technology is definitely one of its kind.

This new technology has also brought in a new diversification in the whole process. The tools can plant different tree species besides doing the geolocation function. Brazil is one of the areas where this project has been tested and it has proven to be successful.

Plant More Trees: Save the Ecosystem

Based on a report that was tabled by World Economic Forum, close to 15 billion trees are fell down in every single year. The sad reality is that only 9 billion are replanted back, causing an annual tree deficit of six billion. This cannot be wholly blamed on negligence but also on costly and slow planting. This is one that can only be changed through the use of intelligent drones developed by Grupo Cortex.

As a way of assuring the integrity of the locations and paths under the drones’ radar, the machine is linked to IBGE Satellite, which is based at the Brazilian Institute of Geography & Statistics. The entire procedure is then kept on the Htmlcoin blockchain. The company plans to develop several smart contracts functions for consumers, partners, and governments.


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