Bitcoin And Commerce, A Match Made In Heaven

Bitcoin And Commerce, A Match Made In Heaven

It is strange to think of it now, but back in 2010, you could barely even give your Bitcoin away. What would today have been considered the most expensive two pizzas in history, back then cost 10,000 Bitcoin.

Now, though, things are a lot different. The value of the currency has skyrocketed and more and more businesses are considering it as a valid method of payment. It has lost some of its novelty value and is now a serious contender.

The CEO of Expedia announced that its decision to accept the cryptocurrency was because the company had an eye on expansion and saw this new technology as part of that process.

Other large companies also believe there is potential in the currency. They have been responding to client demands for a new way of making payments secure.

Rakuten is a great example of this. The Japanese online retailer has been an avid supporter of Bitcoin from the very beginning, and they’re very interested in the development of cryptocurrency. So much, in fact, that rumor has it that they’re working on releasing their own cryptocoin.

There are tons of things that you can now do with Bitcoin. While not all the ecommerce stores like Amazon and eBay are on board yet, you could use an intermediary to help by exchanging vouchers for these retail giants.

In the infographic below, we have laid out the latest list of stores and organizations that now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You will be surprised by some of the names on this list!


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