Dippli Joins NEWS Token Pool

The value of the NEWS Token Pool continues to grow as new sites, writers, affiliates, and partners continue to enhance the News and Publishing Industry.

One of the latest members joining the NEWS Token Pool is Dippli, which adds a large piece of outreach to the NEWS Token Pool.

As part of the future release of the NEWS Tokens on a Blockchain in October, the development of the NEWS Token Pool continues to grow prior to the main-net release, where early individuals and investors will be able to capitalize on the new valuation of the tokens due to increase outreach and net value.

Project Lead, Robert Chernish exclaimed: “I am very happy to be growing the NEWS Token Pool with an increasing network of affiliate stations to grow the value of the tokens for a public blockchain release in October. Being able to track the contributions to our NEWS Token Pool using the Cfinex Exchange allows for greater transparency and accountability, as well as a way to reward early investors who know the value of creating a larger News Network.”

Check out the latest article from Dippli:


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