Waves Coin Uptrend Predicted

Waves coin recently experienced a huge spike in buy volume at the end of April when over 130 Million in USD was traded. The price went from 70000 sats to 90000 sats, in just a few days over the weekend trading.

The price has since levelled back to the 70,000 sats, but there is rumour that the price will be going back up in the coming months.

Why is waves getting ready to skyrocket?

There is no “one-word” answer because it involves a combination of things, including the introduction of smart contracts, new token issuances, and of course, being listed on the magento site.

So what is everyone predicting for Waves at the end of July?

Will it spike like Ether and pass the $100 price point?

As a conservative estimate, our team is suggesting that $22.10 is a likely price, but it may even go higher if it gets adopted by the securities groups.

Who can predict the future?


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