Ethereum posts gains leading into 2019

The past month (Dec. 07 to Jan. 07) has show ETH almost double in price, moving from $88.00 USD on Dece. 12 to it’s current priice of $150 USD. Part of this has been due to a small price gain in BTC (from $3400 to $4000), but this only represents a portion of the increase.

This price is 10X lower than a year ago, when ETH was trading at an all time high of close to $1200 USD per coin.

Then, on Feb. 02 the price entered a downturn and just maintained a slow downtrend throughout most of 2018 until Dec. 08th, when it moved into a bullish trend.

What we are seeing now is either a quick downphase before an uptick, or another progressive downphase. There is no telling where price is going to go from here, but the last 3 weeks could have been very profitable for ETH short-buyers and sellers. If you bought large volume at $90, it would have been a nice profit.

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