is a new way to track stats

Saturn Network

Explore exchange statistics on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic with by team BCT!
Saturn Network is a brilliant new website developed by Team BCT that you can use to easily check Ethereum Classic or Ethereum trading statistics from our exchange.

Amazing to see our community developing tools on their own to interact with Saturn Network, a testimony that Saturn DAO is filled with some very talented individuals. Excited to see what will be created in the future!
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Saturn Network
Our exchange has now been listed on CoinGecko, the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency data API. CoinGecko’s API is used by many crypto websites as it is free to use and very easy to work with. We are already seeing new users find our exchange due to our CoinGecko listing, so this is great news!

Our Binance DEX review mentioned different consensus algorithms, understanding different blockchain algorithms are crucial when reviewing a new crypto project. Here we explain Delegated Proof of Stake and compare it to Proof of Work & Proof of Stake.
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