Coin Currency News Stats Report

Coin Currency News has published 862 posts since February, 2014, and continues to make strategic partnerships within the industry as it goes into its 6th year of business.

Most recently partnering with Trans Media Group after beginning communications in February, 2018, Coin Currency News is extremely proud of the achievement.

The focus of the site will be to continue to increase outreach and revenue generation programs to increase exposure to key projects, products, and partners.

There is a gap in stats from June to December in 2018 when traffic data was not being recorded due 3rd-party hosting. When the conversion back to wordpress came in January, all the articles and data produced from June to December was also wiped because of 3rd party hosting.

Going forward, the business will focus on key development projects with and, as well as other affiliates and partners that continue to work with us on diversifying the industry.

Here are some stats:

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