Blockchain Courses in Education

Canadian High School Offers Blockchain Course

In March 2019, Mr. Chernish completed the design and development of a blockchain technology course for Blyth Academy Online, one of the first national, and international schools to provide a for-credit high school.

    College Contracts Development of Blockchain Course

On May 3, 2019, Mr. Chernish accepted the news that he would also write a blockchain technology course for an accredited College as part of a post-secondary for credit course on the blockchain.

“I like to see where this is headed, especially now that I see how eager the students are in adopting the new technology and learning how to use and trade virtual currencies. In the long run, these new educational developments will add a strong foundation to our larger network of projects by creating jobs and adding key pieces to the blockchain industry and ecosystem heading into 2020” said Chernish.

Chernish hopes to continue developing the scope of blockchain within the post-secondary environment, and bridging national and international transfership opportunities between the high school and post-secondary across borders.

“I plan on doing more research with my students to help understand how cryptocurrency can also be studied as a social movement, or social phenomenon, and how coin-cultures can develop. Myteencoin is an interesting case study to studying how youth can engage in crypto. I look forward to studying this.”

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