New York #Consensus Conference: Meet Team Nash

Nash is the fastest, most user-friendly platform for decentralized financial services, with the mission of bringing distributed finance to everyone. Nash, with no competition in the market, is a decentralized exchange with the performance of a centralized one, offering customers the best of both worlds.

Nash’s executive team will be in NYC for Consensus through Wednesday on Concourse F. We’re offering you the opportunity to get a personal demonstration of Nash’s newly launched interface, so you’ll be among the first to experience the new platform and the different types of transactions it can conduct. Information about Nash’s executive team is below:

Fabio Canesin, Co-founder – Fabio is well known within the blockchain scene also as a founder of the City of Zion (CoZ) open-source community, which brought the Nash co-founders together and continues to develop key infrastructure for the NEO blockchain.

Ethan Fast, Co-founder – Ethan is an entrepreneur with a research background in HCI, AI, and blockchain. He is also a co-founding member of CoZ and the creator of Neon, an open-source wallet for digital assets that has been used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Thomas Saunders, Chief Engineering Officer – Thomas leads efforts in integrating blockchains with off-chain systems. He is the original developer of neo-python and the Python compiler for NEO smart contracts and contributes to the NEO Core project.

Unlike a centralized exchange, Nash never takes control of your assets. You hold the keys to your funds at all times! Nash provides cross chain capabilities, reliable high-quality connections at high speeds, and handles complex order types not yet available on other decentralized exchanges, such as market and limit orders.

Nash was also first to issue a regulated exchange security token. By being blockchain-native, Nash has successfully built an open-source community that has already brought billions of dollars in value to NEO blockchain.


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