Ethereum Price Increases While Bitcoin Lags

The increased Mempool size in the Bitcoin Blockchain has caused a price increase on Ethereum, moving from $220 to $260 in a few hours of trade time.


Ethereum hit a high of $750 last year when it was at it’s peak. The utility of Ethereum is possibly more advanced than that of the Bitcoin Blockchain, but each coin has its own perks.


Keep in mind that Ethereum can climb with Bitcoin, or against it, meaning that as the value of Ethereum grows, it’s price in BTC also increases. When BTC price increases, this makes the dollar value of Ethereum increase, so let’s see what happens with this price in the next few weeks.




The price hike in Ethereum is not unlike the gains seen by Ripple earlier in the week, when it moved from the mid-20-cents range to it’s current .41 cent price.

Bcash and EOS are also up from earlier lows in the year.


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