ETH at 0.03 BTC – up from .025 btc, slight improve

ETH showed a slight improvement from .025 ETH on May 14,2019 to it’s current market price of .03 BTC.


This shows it increased it’s strength against BTC, and also against other currencies as part of the process.

Take a look at the Orange Line on the Graph, that is the ETH/BTC value pairing.


When ETH increases, it usually causes the value of other coins it trades against to go down also, unless the other coin is also making gains, or gaining strength, or gaining ground. Here we see HTML adjust from 43 ETH satoshis to around 30 ETH satoshis, having been reduced since it is less than 1 satoshi on the 8 bar scale against bitcoin.


As bitcoin gains in value, you can see some exchanges adjust lower coins to the 10 decimal scale, or to a lower classed coin.  One of the reasons HTML is so cheap is because it has over 90 billion supply, making saturated against the current demand, however the project is growing it’s value with the additions of it’s althash token projects such as Teen Coin, where users have to use HTML to buy Teen.  This creates a token economy, and market demand.

Now you can see how cheap HTML is, consider how cheap Teen is, it is .02 the value of HTML, or 50 Teens for 1 HTML coin. One HTML coin is close to .00009 cents, so it is 0.0000017 cents per teen coin.

A price snapshot in USD on May 27, 2019

That means for one cent you can buy 555,555.555555 teen coins.  🙂  So traders, please buy or sell your coins now!!!!





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