First Html Dedicated Exchange Opens #htmlbunker

After a much anticipated opening, the HTML Bunker is gearing for public opening.

Htmlbunker, a nova exchange do momento. A mesma vem atualmente sido admirada, e será lançada nesta semana na qual o token da Myteencoin será listado.

A Myteencoin também está novamente na ativa na comunidade brasileira. Com o lançamento da bunker bem próximo, será lançado alguns airdrops, distribuições no grupo do token. Segue o link do nosso grupo no telegram brasileiro: (Telegram grupo)

Além disso, foi criado algumas redes sociais da myteencoin só que brasileira. Segue os mesmos: (Twitter) (Facebook)

Atenciosamente, ChefiaMaster.


After new enhancements over the past year, the exchange has opened the registration.


People can easily register at and take advantage of an opportunity to join an html-dedicated exchange with a strong following in Brazil.


MyTeenCoin, one of Coin Currency News’ affiliate partners for youth, is also listed on the exchange, and reduces some of the risk inherent to being a Teen Coin Holder.


“Prior to the bunker opening, it was kind of a hard time to manage the Teen Coin business because we had a large amount of investments put into the exchange, so the delays added an element of risk on our investment. To see the project moving forward and coming to life has re-inspired our desire to do business in Brasil and the Americas. We think Teen Coin pricing metrics and business programs could have a very important piece in helping establish financial freedom to young crypto traders. Establishing these programs is going to be essential to our success, including trading groups and trading signals. A more coordinated approach to investment to bring the market value of the project, to the real value of the project is one of our top priorities right now. Seeing the price 500X below book value, and no one buying on the market, raises a lot of eyebrows, but now that the Bunker has opened, I think this pattern will start to change, and we will see an uptrend in value come to Teen.”


HtmlBunker – Nova Exchange


We have already re-branded our former GRU site ( to help grow the Portuguese and Brasilian communications, establishing a new facebook group, and telegram group to serve these areas.


“This new expansion into Brasil is very important for HTML coin also, because it allows the Althash and Token Farm generation projects too have a direct impact on business through the HTML Bunker Exchange.”

Other unique features of the HTMLBunker include VIP area and radio station and large number of pairs to choose from during trading, including the in-house Bunk Token, which was used as token to help raise funds for the exchange during it’s development phase.

This one-of-a-kind exchange could prove to be a very cool partner with our network growth, and a larger growth sector for HTML coin.



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